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At Elevated Golf Academy, we truly understand that our young golfers are the future of the game. We are fully committed to helping these juniors learn and improve their skills to further enjoy this great sport. We are experts at creating fun and engaging environments for our students. Oh, and we are open members and non-members alike!


We offer various opportunities throughout the season to fit the needs of any age and experience level. We offer Junior Camps, Individual Lessons, Junior Events and Junior Leagues throughout the summer. Please see details below:


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We offer multiple 3-day Junior Camps throughout the summer. These camps are perfect for all levels of experience ages 4-17. These camps are offered to both members and non-members. During the course of the camp your youngster will be taught safety, technique, rules, etiquette and strategy. We strive to create an environment that is safe and fun for your child to learn. Please click here for the dates of our upcoming camps. 

To sign-up, please click here.


Your young golfer can also take advantage of an individual lesson with one of our wonderful golf instructors. Please click here if you would like to schedule a lesson.
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Golf Ball

Advanced Junior Development


We have an advanced Junior Program running throughout the summer for the more serious teenage boys and girls. This program is meant to help golfers take their game to a high level to play High School golf and help with College placement. This program includes professional instruction and time on the golf course with the pros. 

This program also has a competitive component to it. Your golfer will earn points throughout the season for participation and performance. This league will culminate with an awards party at the end of the season.

Please contact Shea at (970)903-6449 to discuss if this is right for your junior and to sign-up.
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